Leading Out of Drama® (LOD)

Within an organization, people are your greatest resource, but they also can be your biggest source of energy drain. As a leader, you need the skills to transform negative workplace interactions into meaningful contribution, and with our Leading Out of Drama (LOD) framework, you can.

Based on the principles of Compassionate Accountability®, LOD has helped thousands of leaders build stronger business relationships and a more positive workplace culture. Throughout the program, you’ll learn how to help your team become more inclusive and productive by embracing conflict.

LOD costs $500 per participant and is facilitated virtually in four 90-minute sessions via Zoom. The course also includes small group discussions and a comprehensive Drama Resilience Assessment. The LOD curriculum features a variety of eye-opening educational materials, including:

  • Drama Unpacked: Roles and Behaviors
  • Drama-Based Helping: Good Intentions, Unintended Consequences
  • Cultures of Gossip and Sabotage: Drama Adversaries and Allies
  • Discovery & Development of Next Element’s Compassion Cycle
  • The Compassion Trio: Three Essential Compassion Skills
  • Good vs. Bad Conflict: Minding the Gap
  • How to Struggle With: Three Rules of the Compassion Mindset
  • Drama Approaching!: Three Leading Indicators of Drama
  • Compassion and Personal Responsibility: Three Choices to Move
  • Leading Out of Drama: The Formula for Compassionate Conflict
  • A Personal Action Plan for Leading Out of Drama

What You Can Do with LOD:

  • Stop the drain of drama.
  • Unify your team.
  • Navigate conflict like a pro.
  • Build a work environment where people trust each other and work together.
  1. Complete the LOD Registration Form.
  2. Receive the confirmation email from Next Element and pay for the course.
  3. Receive a course preparation email with instructions to complete your assessment and a private link to access the course Zoom Meeting sessions.

Upon completion of the course you will also receive a signed hard copy of the book Conflict without Casualties and a digital download of the Group Discussion Guide after completion of the course

LOD Also Includes

Conflict without Casualties by Dr. Nate Regier

Learn how to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth in Dr. Nate Regier’s most recent book.

Conflict Without Casualties Group Discussion Guide

Introduce your leaders and teams to Compassionate Accountability with the group discussion guide.

Over the past two years being in my role, I have transformed the morale of my workforce from disgruntled to motivated.

Audrey Atwell

Section Head, Isomax

Thank you for providing great tools that I am able to apply for tangible, noticeable change in my life!

Holly A. Perryman, SHRM, CP

Group Human Resources Manage

Replace Drama with Compassionate Conflict

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