Are You An Ideal Client?

Posted on July 7, 2016 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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When we founded Next Element in 2008 we took special care to define the qualities of our ideal client. Although we have evolved and matured as a company, nothing has changed in what we look for. Here’s our list.   

  • Value long-term relationships with advisors or consultants
  • Hold themselves accountable for their actions and inactions
  • Able and willing to use NE regularly and at increasing levels of depth as relationship develops and they experience value.
  • Have vision for culture change and long-term impact at multiple levels in the organization.
  • Shares the following philosophies
    • Open to change, even when it’s uncomfortable
    • Desire to leverage diversity
    • Desire to be change agents in their field and communities
    • Courage to confront resistance to forward progress
    • Appreciate the value of social and emotional intelligence in leadership
    • Value metrics and outcomes-informed work
  • Value sustainability, proficiency, and practical application of skills.
  • Actively refer and facilitate new partnerships.

What’s on your list?

What qualities of a client would give the best chance of success for both of you?

When you look for professional services, what do you look for in a provider?

Will you share your comments?

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