Building A Personality Inclusive Workplace

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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We want to build workplace cultures where every personality type feels welcomed, valuable, heard, included, and understood.

Gardenswartz & Rowe’s Four Layers of Diversity model places personality at the center. Personality impacts how people perceive the world, how they prefer to communicate, how they are motivated and how they behave in distress. And, it intersects with many of the more commonly addressed dimensions of diversity. Many organizations use personality assessments to identify different types in the workplace and use this information in various ways. But research and practice is limited on how personality type differences are actually being incorporated within DEI efforts.

So we are launching our Personality Inclusive Workplace Study to learn how organizations are approaching personality differences from strategic and practical levels. Our goal is to get input from companies of all sizes, representing a variety of industries, across the globe. Will you join our study by completing the survey, and share it with your peers in other organizations?

Our efforts don’t stop there. We are focusing our communication training, education and outreach efforts to address personality diversity through free workshops and case studies. Check out our new calendar of topics.

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