Consistency in Leadership Is A Double-Edged Sword

Posted on May 5, 2021 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Consistency in leadership is more than just being dependable or aligning your values with your behaviors. The best leaders understand that consistency is a double-edged sword that can build strong cultures, or become a weapon when applied inappropriately.

Consistency becomes a weapon when

  • You are trying to trap someone; e.g. “Yesterday you got mad when I used profanity, but today you said a four-letter word. You are a hypocrite.”
  • You are trying to justify your own behavior; e.g. “You made me wear my mask over my nose, but I saw three people breaking the rule over lunch and nobody enforced it.”
  • You are nurturing a grudge; e.g. “See, I knew you couldn’t be trusted.”
  • You overdo fairness to gain control; e.g. “Everyone was invited to the celebration party, but not everyone contributed equally to our team’s success.”
  • Authenticity is used as an excuse to avoid meeting people where they are at. “I’m just being true to myself.”

Consistency is counterproductive when

  • Doubling down on a bad idea to save face
  • Sticking to your guns just to prove a point
  • Avoiding change when new information suggests otherwise
  • Enforcing policies without consideration of context

Consistency builds up your culture when leaders

  • Show up healthy, energized, and ready every day
  • Apply the same rules of engagement in every interaction, including conflict
  • Stay out of distress. Because when we are in distress we often behave at odds with the best interests of the people we lead.

Consistency matters most

To be better leader, learn when consistency matters most, and when it should take a back seat to agility.

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