Gatherings, Symbols and Community

Posted on September 28, 2022 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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This is the season for budgeting, strategic planning, forecasting and looking ahead to the future. A lot of teams are meeting in person this year. How nice to be able to gather in person! Our team is meeting this week for a strategic planning retreat. We are looking forward to being together in person and planning to take advantage of some informal down time together and opportunities for more relaxed conversations than is typical of our virtual meetings.

Next month in Denver, Colorado we are hosting our first in person trainer network conference in three years. We are excited to see our community of PCM and LOD certified trainers and coaches from across the United States and around the world. These are not just our clients, but our friends and partners in the journey to bring more compassion to every workplace. Here are a few things we are planning to help us take advantage of this opportunity together:

  • A “state of the union” address to share what’s going on around the world and help connect people around our vision of bringing more compassion to every workplace.
  • Extra break times to socialize.
  • Focus on how people are doing, not just what they are doing.
  • An interactive meal with a restauranteur and chef.
  • Time to imagine what a better future looks like.
  • Plenty of informal meeting areas for impromptu meet-ups.

What are you doing at your strategic planning retreats to facilitate the kinds of connections you can’t do as well virtually?

Symbols are important to us. One of the most important for us is our iconic No Drama sticker. People love them and we give them out all the time. I put one on my roller bag so I can find it at the baggage claim. I’ve been offered free drinks on a plane in exchange for a sticker. I’ve even traded one for a pass at a Vienna subway station. For our network conference we are extending the No Drama symbol to keychains. Compassionate Accountability unlocks energy and opens doors.

Working with our favorite supplier of merch, Sticker Mule, we created these to share as a reminder of our mission.

Sticker Mule

What are your symbols that remind people of your mission and priorities?

Wherever you are, whatever your mission, if you are having a strategic planning retreat this Fall to reflect on the difference you want in the world, I encourage you to make time for connection and imagination.

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