“I’m sorry. I’ll need to work on that.”

Posted on October 10, 2016 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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On many Sunday afternoons my family gathers at my mother’s house for a tradition called Faspa. We never know who will be there, but we know the food will be good. For a recent faspa, I brought a variety of gourmet soda pops from a trip to Pops Soda Ranch in Edmond, OK. We had a great time tasting exotic pops from around the world.

That evening we were joined by a nephew of mine and his fiance. They are delightful couple, with incredible energy and enthusiasm for life. That night my nephew did something that will always stick with me and set an example I want to emulate.

Each bottle of pop was split among five small glasses to be shared. I poured the black cherry soda and gave a glass to my nephew and his fiance. She was distracted, talking to my mother, and my nephew inadvertently drank the whole thing. When she turned around, she noticed their pop was gone, and her share had been consumed by her husband to-be. She blurted out, “Honey, that was for me. You drank mine.”

Without hesitation, my nephew looked gently and genuinely at her, and said, “I am sorry. I’ll need to work on that.”

I’m guessing this won’t be the last time my nephew’s self-focused bachelor habits will need some upgrades as he adapts to married life. Yet, his humility and willingness to own his mistake and recognize the need to change was absolutely refreshing. What an example!

“I’m sorry. I’ll need to work on that” is an attitude we could use more of these days.

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