Personality Types in Church Settings: Research by Regier & Barlow-Thompson

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Over the last six years it’s been my privilege to partner with the United Methodist Church of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri to deliver a program for clergy called “From Readiness To Effectiveness in Ministry.” This nine-month, intensive program builds leadership, communication, and conflict skills for pastors coming out of seminary and in their first few years of residency.

Every year I tell my groups that this is some of the most rewarding work I do. I love to see persons who are passionate in their faith and eager to build healthy faith communities. Even more exciting is when we can help them do this in a way that reaches more people, reduces drama, and increases compassion.

My belief is that the more important your message and mission, the more critical it is that you learn to communicate it well.

A wonderful perk that came along with my UMC work was meeting Adam Barlow-Thompson, a Methodist pastor who has also become one of my good friends, a fellow PCM and LOD trainer, and a research partner. Adam is curious about the distribution of personality types in traditional church settings and how this may impact the struggles these churches are having to stay relevant and vibrant.

Several years ago I partnered with Adam to conduct a study on this very topic using the Process Communication Model (PCM®).  The results are published in the Journal of Process Communication (Vol 2:1), and the results will surprise you. Click here to read the full article which explores the relationship between personality type and church involvement, and suggests implications for how churches can engage a broader cross-section of the population.


Here is more about PCM, along with a short video.

Barlow-Thompson, A. & Regier, N. (2014). The Missing Perceptions in one North American Church: Comparing Distribution of Base and Phase Perception of Church Going People and the General Population. The Journal of Process Communication, Vol. 2(1), pp. 32-50.

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