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Posted on December 30, 2019 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Happy New Year! I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of my subscribers. I appreciate your support, your comments, and this remarkable community of people who care about better communication and more compassion at work. In keeping with tradition, here are the most read posts from my blog in 2019.

How to Increase Engagement With Coaching Clients: Adaptive Communication Part 1

Every coach has a sweet spot and a blind spot.

Three Kinds of Introverts, And How To Communicate With Them

Introverts have been lumped together in one big basket that does them a lot of disservice because not all introverts are the same.

Leadership and Manipulation: Donald Trump Case Study, Part 1

Three manipulation tactics that Trump has honed to perfection, and three alternative positive leadership lessons.

7 Reasons Why Personality Matters In Customer Service

If you’re using a personality model but it isn’t giving you the customer intelligence to address these seven challenges, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Let Someone Go?

There are those few ruthless leaders who get rid of people way too soon. They’re the exception. Usually a leader keeps people too long.

Three Seductive Emotions That Often Backfire And What To Do About Them

When you feel helpless, urgent, or desperate, be very careful of the stories you are telling yourself and the danger you could be in if you act on it.

What Is The Secret Chemistry Of High-Performing Teams?

The key to high performance lays not in the content of a team’s discussions, but the manner in which they are communicating.

How To Conduct Performance Conversations That Get Results

Seven elements of successful performance conversations so employees won’t compare it to picking scabs.

Two Mistakes That Will Kill Your Employee Recognition Program

The most widely used engagement survey in the world tunes out 35% of the population.

Who Is Responsible?

Transformation is possible when you change your default from “Who is responsible?” to “We are in this together.”

My wish for each of you is a new year filled with more authentic relationships, stronger connections, healthier conflict, and creative ways to include all types of people in your life and business.

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