What Are You Doing With The Energy of Conflict?

Posted on May 15, 2020 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Conflict is a gap between what you want and what you are experiencing.

That gap contains a lot of energy. How you use that energy is your choice. Here are four options.

You could AVOID the gap, hoping it will go away. But the energy is still there. Without intention, that energy will infect your life through rumination, sleepless nights, mental drain, and even physical symptoms. This is wasteful energy management.

You could EXPLOIT the gap, using the energy against yourself and others. Manipulation, passive-aggressive behavior, fear-mongering are just some of the options. This is reckless energy management.

You could CLOSE the gap through conflict management, conflict mediation, or conflict reduction. While this might reduce the discomfort you feel, it misses the whole point of conflict, which is to create. This is inefficient energy management.

You could LEVERAGE the gap by engage with compassion, accepting that people are valuable, capable, and responsible. You could get vulnerable, get curious, and get focused on what matters most. The purpose of conflict is to create, and compassion is the mechanism to do that. This is exponential energy management that creates new art in the world.

Want to learn how to leverage gap energy to create something amazing?

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