Compassionate Accountability® Tools: Harness the Power of Compassion

By approaching every situation with Compassionate Accountability, you can transform your workplace, your relationships and your life. At Next Element®, each of our assessments, courses, and training programs revolves around teaching you how to use the power of compassion to experience better communication, closer connection and more positivity.

Compassionate Accountability Tools

Next Element provides business communication training through our Compassionate Accountability tools. These tools are the foundation to improving your relationships, increasing your positivity, and communicating clearer to those around you.

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD)

Leading Out of Drama (LOD) helps you transform the energy of conflict to create meaningful interactions and opportunities for growth.

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Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The Process Communication Model (PCM) identifies the six distinct personality types within each of us, helps you discover your own mix and teaches you how they all can work together.

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The Compassion Mindset®

The Compassion Mindset helps leaders in the workplace create a safe, inclusive work environment that empowers each employee to do their best work.

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I firmly believe that Compassionate Accountability is a foundational leadership competency and I am increasingly seeing the power and benefit of its application. As a leadership coach for activists and socially conscious businesses, it is a privilege to be able to facilitate the development of such an intuitive, simple and authentic approach that can only accelerate positive change in the world.

LOD Practitioner Certification Participant

Next Element has established a reputation for living and breathing PCM. Anyone who spends time with this team will immediately feel the OK-OK positive energy and enthusiasm. Next Element’s pioneering work in outcomes measurement and research demonstrates a continuous commitment to excellence and accountability. Fielding five PCM trainers, including three Master Trainers and one Certifying Master Trainer, Next Element is truly a world-class center of excellence for interpersonal communication. PCM and the PCM trainers in the Next Element network are in good hands.

Taibi Kahler, PhD

Founder, Kahler Communications, Inc.

Finally, a practical way to build a more compassionate culture. The Compassion Mindset is effective at work and at home – at every level. Engage differently and watch things change for the better.

Ken Blanchard

Co-author of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action