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Featuring masterful storytelling and candid transparency, Dr. Nate Regier delivers an inspiring experience every time he engages with a group. From interpersonal communication to healthy conflict, leadership skills to culture transformation, Dr. Regier inspires audiences to empower change and discover their potential using the tools of Compassionate Accountability®.

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The son of missionary parents who brought tribal leaders together in Africa, a Ph.D. psychologist, author, leadership advisor, father, and successful business owner, Dr. Regier makes magic with his mix of deep knowledge, curiosity, passion, and most importantly, real-world hard knocks. He’s not afraid to get honest, challenge old habits and have plenty of fun in the process.

Speaking Clip: PCM International Congress

Nate presents the plenary keynote at the PCM International Congress on the topic of leadership trends and disruptions.

Compassionate Accountability: Keynote Address

Selected clips from Nate Regier’s keynote presentation at the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative Summit on Quality demonstrates his capabilities to engage an audience, tell compelling stories, bring concepts to life, entertain, and leave people with practical tools they can use in their lives.

Enjoy an Amazing Transformation

From small companies to audiences numbering in the thousands, Dr. Regier can deliver a dynamic experience for any and every group. Clients not only rave about the keynote itself, but about the last effect the experience had on each individual present, and the group as a whole.

A Thought Leader

A renowned author, Dr. Nate Regier has helped countless individuals reach their goals for Compassionate Accountability through his four books.

Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders Build Connection and Get Results by Nate Regier, PhD
Learn More.

Seeing People Through: Unleash Your Leadership Potential With the Process Communication Model by Nate Regier, PhD
Learn More.

Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Compassionate Accountability® by Nate Regier, PhD
Learn More.

Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires by Nate Regier, PhD and Jeff King
Buy Now.

See Nate’s other publications and media appearances.

The Compassion Effect

Learn about one of Nate’s most popular keynote topics, The Compassion Effect

Facilitating Transformative Group Experiences

Experience Nate’s approach to training and facilitating group interaction with this selection from a leadership training program.

Engage All Types of Audiences

Experience Nate’s gift for connecting with a student audience in this presentation at Bethel College.

Past Venues

Dr. Nate Regier Keynotes

Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders Build Connection And Get Results

Based on the principles in Dr. Regier’s highly acclaimed new book, this presentation will give leaders at any level an elegant and surprisingly powerful new framework for addressing the most pressing issues such as engagement and retention, quality, belonging, and workplace culture. Experience the possibilities when compassion and accountability become one through the three switches of The Compassion Mindset. Learn the framework, behaviors, and practices for turning on each switch, and see how other organizations have implemented Compassionate Accountability principles in their culture. Leave with more hope and energy along with practical tools you can implement immediately.

You will learn how to

  1. Explain why compassionate leadership is the big differentiator.
  2. Outline how compassion and accountability are complementary.
  3. Describe the three switches of The Compassion Mindset and how to turn them on through your leadership behaviors.
  4. Describe five common compassion barriers that hold leaders back from greater connection and impact.
  5. Apply Compassionate Accountability to address the current challenges you are facing.

The Compassion Mindset: A Catalyst for Culture Change

Cultures of Compassionate Accountability start with the right mindset. Learn about The Compassion Mindset, a surprisingly elegant yet powerful foundation for leadership, culture change, learning and development and belonging. Learn how to activate three switches that will transform how you look at yourself and others and change the way you approach your most important culture-transformation initiatives.

You will learn how to:

  1. Unlock a powerful new mindset for culture change.
  2. Implement leadership behaviors that uplift people and results at the same time.
  3. Continuously affirm the principles that all people are valuable, capable and responsible.
  4. Ask three questions that will guarantee a new and valuable perspective on culture change and engagement.

Conflict Without Casualties: Stop the Drama While Boosting Safety, Trust and Productivity

Too often, conflict is blamed for our stress, anxiety and hardships. But really, conflict isn’t the problem – it’s how we approach conflict that creates toxic environments. Diversity and differences are the greatest resource we have for innovation and positive change. Those who master compassionate conflict can unlock the potential in conflict and become agents of transformation instead of being drained by the drama. Change how you approach everything from customer service to change management, performance conversations to confronting bullying, injustice and discrimination. 

You will learn how to:

  1. Stop drama from draining, distracting and undermining your efforts.
  2. Turn conflict into a powerful source of innovation, trust, and engagement.
  3. Radically improve how you approach difficult conversations, differences and disagreements.
  4. Dramatically improve workplace relationships, culture and brand.

How to Communicate with Compassion During Crisis..And Beyond!

During crisis nothing matters more than how you communicate as a leader. At a time when your employees and clients are anxious and looking for stability, the principles of Compassionate Accountability can be your foundation. See how NOT to communicate by exploring the ways drama can easily creep in, and learn a proven and effective template for mastering your communication strategy during crisis and beyond.

You will learn how to:

  1. Avoid getting hooked by drama that can erupt during crisis.
  2. Evaluate where previous crisis communication has failed, and why.
  3. Apply a balanced and effective communication template and strategy for any crisis situation.
  4. Show your employees and your community that you care while keeping laser focused on priorities.

Personality Inclusion: The Untapped Secret to Boosting Engagement

Personality is one of the most important dimensions of neurodiversity because it influences how people experience their environment, how they process information, how they communicate, how they are motivated, and how they seek negative attention in distress. Yet very few organizations maximize the potential of personality as an engagement asset. Learn about two common engagement mistakes that well-intentioned organizations make, and see how to correct these mistakes through personality inclusion.

You will learn how to:

  1. Identify how different personality types excel or struggle in common workplace environments.
  2. Make simple, yet effective adaptations to leverage the positive potential of personality diversity.
  3. Transform how you approach performance management, discipline, and engagement.
  4. End the problem of people languishing in their job.

Custom Keynotes and Keynote Packages

Your group has unique needs, and Dr. Regier can work with you to customize his message for your audience. From a beginning keynote to subsequent break-out sessions, Dr. Regier can create a program tailored to the specific interests of your audience.

I loved your use of story and how you drew the audience in. Nate is one of those rare people who, when they step on a rock, they invent shoes instead of swearing at the rocks.

Jesh De Rox

Founder and CEO, SuperFeel

Have you ever been in the presence of someone whose unwavering conviction and passion for a topic are so profound that it not only brings you a sense of calm but also fosters in you the belief that you can accomplish the very goal they are speaking about as a leader, an organization? That was our experience in our interview with Nate Regier

Linda Maul

Executive Coach, Accountability By Design

We have loved working with Nate on various training and consulting projects over the years. His passion, good humor, and expertise come through in his presentations, and we always come away with valuable and practical ways to manage ourselves, relate to each other, and ultimately, serve our community more effectively.

Erin McDaniel

Director of Communications, City of Newton, KS

Meritrust was very fortunate to have Dr. Nate Regier speak to our team at the 2021 All Staff celebration. Nate helped our employees understand conflict is not something to fear or run from, but simply what we have the opportunity to do next. Multiple employees told me this was the best all staff celebration ever as they learned from Nate, had fun together and made a difference in the community through service projects.

Evan Wilson

SVP, Chief Experience Officer, Meritrust Credit Union

Nate took the time to understand our members and the challenges they are facing in the healthcare industry. He connected with our audience and equipped them to be better leaders.

Rebekah Francis

Executive Director, Missouri Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

Dr. Nate Regier’s keynote on Compassionate Accountability was truly engaging. The audience left understanding the importance of using the three switches – Valuable, Capable, and Responsible, when communicating with others.

Malea Hartvickson

Executive Director, Kansas Healthcare Collaborative

Dr. Nate Regier immediately connected with our education leaders as he shared his story and the purpose of understanding ourselves. I am proud to have him as a collaborative partner with the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute.

Kelly Andrews

Director, Indiana Principal Leadership Institute

Nate Regier doesn't just have a profound understanding of conflict and how to use it as a positive force. He also leads by example because he's doing it for his own people.

Tony Martignetti

Virtual Campfire Podcast

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Regier speak at our IPMA-HR Kansas Chapter meeting. During a year of change and stress, Nate used Zoom to deliver a captivating talk about “How To Communicate With Compassion During Crisis” and our members loved his presentation. One member said “Wish we could have had this information sooner” in a year that’s been very difficult due to COVID-19. Nate was able to reach a “digital” audience and his delivery was personal and fun and informative. Our members felt this was information they could put to immediate use!

Randy Keasling, CPM

Director of Human Resources
City of Great Bend, Kansas
IPMA-HR Kansas Chapter Board Member

Dr. Regier is a powerful keynote speaker, with uncanny passion in valuing and leveraging diverse talent. Participants were highly engaged from start to finish, and even beyond. They walked away with skills to use the very next day—personally and professionally. I have seen the best keynotes for 30 years; Nate’s difference-making is rare!

Ryan Donlan, PhD

Leader, Author, and Organizational Performance Specialist Professor, Indiana State University

Dr. Nate Regier brought his signature passion and authenticity to our workshop. Our attendees went from hesitant to fully engaged within the first 45 minutes; an accomplishment not all speakers can claim! His personal stories brought deeper meaning to the theories, and attendees left with a connection from not just the teachings, but also the stories and how they related to their own lives.

Regional Family Manager

Young Professionals Organization

Nate Regier's Conflict without Casualties presentation was of great help for our company as we strive to maintain a low drama work culture. Nate has a way of getting you to see solutions in new ways. He taught us to identify conflict and use compassion to resolve issues in a healthy efficient way. I highly recommend this session!

Todd Brunner, CEO

Members Mortgage Services, LLC

Nate's presentation was incredibly informative but also authentic and genuine. That, to me, was the magic.

High School Principal

Nate was masterful at connecting with the audience, and he displayed an uncommon and authentic confidence with humility. He was powerful at helping us see roadblocks without embarrassment. He was patient and gentle with the skeptics, finally winning them over. And, he was inspiring and encouraging with the timid, who left the training feeling a great deal of empowerment, new skills and hope for leading themselves out of drama.

Mat Dewing, Regional President

Pivot Physical Therapy

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