Facilitation and application are our sweet spots. Whether delivered virtually or in-person, our training programs bring the material alive and focus on immediate, practical application. All training programs include personalized, valid assessments that over 96% of participants rate as accurate, relevant, and useful. 94% of participants rate our Compassionate Accountability® models as superior to any other models they’ve used.

Choose From an Array of Compassionate Accountability Courses

From half-day introductions to multi-day retreats, our training courses cover an array of topics tailored to a range of audiences. Find the right course for you.

Design Your Own Custom Program

No matter what issues you want to address, what your goals are or what size your group is, Next Element can use our internationally-acclaimed communication tools to craft a custom training program for you. We specialize in developing custom programs to build cultures of Compassionate Accountability and effective communication at all levels of an organization. Drawing on our global network of certified professionals, we are able to support large-scale and multinational deployment. Whether you have a group of five or 5,000 individuals, we can design a custom program, including retreats, immersive experiences and more.


People Served Globally


Improvement in Work Relationships


Improvement in Leadership Skills

Why Next Element

Next Element has designed custom training programs for notable companies such as Carfax and Roche.

Our internationally-acclaimed communication tools have helped clients across the globe experience more positivity and productivity.

Our global presence allows us to scale any program as large or as small as needed.

Our training participants enjoy lasting results that only an interactive experience can provide.

Our training sessions are tailored to leaders with full calendars. Whether you only have half a day to devote to a training session or a couple days, you can find one that fits your schedule.

Our workplaces – and more accurately, our lives – are filled with drama. We may not even realize we’re entering the drama triangle until we are immersed in our habitual drama roles–victim, persecutor or rescuer. The Next Element Immersion experience provided us with a way out of that vicious drama cycle. We left with actionable steps that will lead to healthier, more positive communication, both at home and in the workplace.

Executive, corporate public relations firm

Next Element’s Immersion event is fast-paced, intense, deep, revealing, empowering, focused, challenging and initially a little terrifying. I went in feeling like I was channeling my 10-year-old, go-to-camp, kicking-and-screaming self. I left feeling 10 feet tall. You go in with communication pain, and come out with a prescription for success.


I left feeling like I could be more authentic and approachable with my team, and better at understanding others and negotiating conflict. I believe I can trade anger and disappointment when things don’t go well for self-awareness, intentionality in how I communicate and compassionate accountability. Bottom line, Immersion will make me a more agile and effective leader because I can quickly identify leadership behavior patterns that undermine my company’s success.


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