The Most Intoxicating Drug

Posted on October 26, 2018 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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There’s one thing that every human craves.

Every person who has ever lived has tried to get it.

Wars have been fought over it.

Nations have been built, and fallen over it.

Facebook might not exist without it.

Without it, cable news may as well close up shop.

Parents use it. Teachers use it. Pastors use it. Politicians use it.

Kids learn how to use it from their parents, teachers pastors and politicians.

It’s legal in all fifty states and every country in the world.

It is most people’s “go-to” drug when all else fails.

It explains all the drama.

People spend hours of every day looking for it.

It is a very difficult habit to kick, and most people relapse several times a day.

It helps us sleep at night.

It soothes a troubled soul, for a while.

It is responsible for the casualties of conflict.

It quiets a conflicted mind, for a while.

It is a powerful currency for emotional commerce.

It is free to obtain, expensive to use.

What is the most intoxicating drug?




Almost nothing feels better than confirming our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are right. Especially when they are undermine the dignity of ourselves or someone else.

“See, I told you so.”

“See, I knew I was right.”

“See, that’s what always happens to me.”

“See, they always…”

“See how they are?”

Justification always works against effectiveness. The most intoxicating drug will take away your perspective, your reasoning, and your empathy. Most importantly, it takes away your compassion, the ability to struggle with another person in a spirit of dignity.

When faced with the urge to feel justified, consider the alternative. To be effective. What would you do next?

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