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Next Element is the pioneer of Compassionate Accountability, the foundation for flourishing teams and organizations. We provide Compassionate Accountability consulting services, customized training, certifications, and strategic partnership opportunities to help you transform your culture.

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Are You Ready for Compassionate Accountability?

Do you want to build a culture where excellence is achieved through relationships and people love their work?

Do you want to hold people accountable without compromising relationships and dignity?

Do you want to leverage conflict as a catalyst for positive change instead of being drained by drama?

Do you want to teach, coach, and train others to scale Compassionate Accountability in their organizations?

Compassionate Accountability is the roadmap for building leadership cultures that attract and retain the best talent and provide a competitive advantage.

How We Help

We are a global consulting and advisory firm dedicated to helping leaders and their organizations build cultures of Compassionate Accountability so they can thrive in any environment.

Gain Clarity

What does top talent really want? What will it take to raise your engagement scores? Why are your belonging initiatives stalling out? What does a thriving culture really look like? Our Compassionate Accountability consulting services help you assess your leaders and culture through a new lens, revealing key areas of risk and opportunity so you can focus your efforts for the greatest positive impact. 

Develop Your People

Let us Inspire your people with a high-impact presentation from Dr. Regier, renowned thought leader, author and Top-100 keynote speaker. Introduce the principles of Compassionate Accountability to your leaders with customized workshops led by our team of expert facilitators.

Build Your Capacity

Are you ready to scale Compassionate Accountability in our organization? We can train your internal facilitators to deliver our assessments and curriculum or license the content for your internal use. We are here to help you find the best option to bring our transformative framework and methods to your people.

Partner With Us

Are you looking to amplify your existing offerings or deliver added value to your customers? If our Compassionate Accountability assessments, tools, and training programs can benefit you and your clients, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Let’s partner for a win-win solution.

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Our Clients

Results-wise, I could tell, to the person, that we are much more supportive of each other, have a common language we can hold ourselves or others accountable with, and are more effectively communicating with our world-wide employees.

Tony Jace

Tony Jace

CEO, Crisis Prevention Institute

Next Element has developed a compelling approach to ushering compassion and genuinely constructive conflict into the workplace. Grounded in social science and conveyed in clear-eyed terms, the approach is actionable for even the most results-oriented business leader.

Amy Luckey

Amy Luckey

Work-Life Coach

There is a multitude of leadership experts in today's consulting marketplace. Next Element is different. They have mastered the art of customization to get results for your team. Compassionate Accountability is the latest riddle they have solved for leaders. When you are ready to move to the next level of employee interaction and team functionality, check out Next Element.

Don Morris

Don Morris, SPHR, SHRM-SPC

VP of People and Culture, Variety Care

In education, a lot of things cycle & come and go and in leadership. I believe you have to want to work with and serve others VS only climb the ladder and deem yourself worthy. Next Element's models are truly what educators need no matter the role because our business is working with people from the littles to the bigs!

Sheila Wendling

Sheila Wendling

Assistant Superintendent, USD 373 Newton, KS

Compassionate Accountability is the leadership standard of the future.

Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times Best Selling Author or coauthor of The Earned Life, Triggers and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

Compassionate Accountability distills the essence of what matters most and guides any leader, team, or company on how to build a culture that can flourish even in times of struggle.

Garry Ridge

Garry Ridge

The Culture Coach and Chairman Emeritus, WD-40 Company

Compassionate Accountability is the roadmap for building leadership cultures that attract and retain the best talent and provide a competitive advantage.

Tacy M Byham, PhD

CEO, Development Dimensions International (DDI) and co-author of Your First Leadership Job

COMPASSIONATE ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT ANOTHER THEORY BUT AN ACTIONABLE PROCESS for mindfulness, social and emotional intelligence, leadership agility, inclusion, presence, healthy conflict, and resiliency.

Jeff Hayes

President and CEO of The Myers-Briggs Company

Compassionate Accountability Tools

Compassionate Accountability is a set of principles that are the basis of all we do at Next Element – and it has the power to transform your life. Begin your journey toward Compassionate Accountability by learning more about our Compassion Tools below.

Through Leading Out of Drama, you can learn to stop the drain of workplace drama through compassionate conflict and communication training.

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Learn the art of compassionate communication as you explore the six personality types within all of us, identified by the Process Communication Model®.

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Build a safe workplace environment and a culture of compassion in your organization through The Compassion Mindset.

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