Leadership Mindset Shift #1 – How You Say Something Is More Important Than What You Say

Posted on February 15, 2023 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Did you know that most communication is nonverbal? Miscommunication often occurs because we get so focused on what we are talking about that we miss the process of what’s actually being communicated. 

If you surveyed the leaders in your organization, how would they answer these questions?

Have you ever;

  • Had an interaction with someone and wondered what “really” happened?
  • Heard someone say, “I don’t like your tone.”?
  • Felt misunderstood, as though someone misinterpreted what you said?
  • Gotten “mixed messages” because a person said one thing, but their body language said something else
  • Said it louder, but it didn’t make a difference
  • Wished you could connect with a broader audience?

How well do your leaders communicate? What impact does it have on employee engagement, retention, customer service and team morale? What would you like to change? If you had tools to resolve this dilemma, what difference could it make for your organization, culture and brand?

Shifting your mindset about leadership can make all the difference. Here is the first of eight mindset shifts that can transform a leader’s effectiveness.

Leadership Mindset Shift #1

How you say something is often more important than what you say.

Did you know that most communication is nonverbal? Miscommunication often occurs because we get so focused on what we are talking about that we miss the process of what’s actually being communicated. 

Focusing more on the process of how you communicate can greatly improve the impact of your message and the quality of your communication. 

Currency: The Key To Connecting and Building Rapport

There’s a science to this. The Process Communication Model® identifies six communication Currencies that people use. Think of Currency as “legal tender for transactions.” It’s all about the “how” of communication. When you match the “vibe” of how a person prefers to communicate, you can get on the same wavelength. It can make a huge difference in whether they actually hear you and appreciate your intention.  

The Six Communication Currencies

Currency Connect and build rapport by…
Compassion Showing you care and that people are safe with you.
Logic Being logical and making rational sense.
Humor Being energetic, upbeat and spontaneous.
Imagination Giving time and space to reflect.
Values Making relevant connections to values, beliefs and principles.
Initiative Making things happen and setting a fast pace.

You can recognize someone’s preferred communication Currency by paying attention to how they communicate. Use this table to identify a person’s favorite Currency. Then you can adapt your energy to get on the same wavelength for greater connection and rapport.

The Power of Communication Agility

Neurobiological research shows that when a person receives a message in their favorite currency, they are more likely to pay attention, remember the content of the message, respond favorably, and feel better.

Here are just a few places where leaders can use Currency to improve their leadership effectiveness. Imagine how you might apply Currency in these areas.

  • Improve responsiveness to emails.
  • Increase attendance at a meeting.
  • Improve rapport in your most difficult relationships.
  • Strengthen your sphere of influence.

Communication Agility Is a Choice

Agile leaders make the choice to adapt how they communicate in order to increase connection and rapport. They develop their skill at energizing all six currencies. Are you equipping your leaders with the skills to make this choice?

Don’t confuse discomfort with inauthenticity. Communication agility allows you to see more, be more, and do more by experiencing and leveraging your whole personality as a leader. While it might feel uncomfortable and challenging at first, it is a tremendous asset for leaders.

Shift Your Mindset To Be A Better Leader

Mastering the use of Currency in communication and leadership is the focus of one of the eight modules in the PCM Leadership Program. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Improve empathy and build trust
  • Connect with others more easily
  • Increase rapport and positive influence

Contact us today to find out more about how PCM helps leaders recognize and maximize the critical intersection between communication and personality.

Why Choose the PCM Leadership Program?

People skills are the primary leadership differentiator: being able to connect, engage, resolve conflict with and motivate anyone are essential leadership skills. Today’s leaders must cultivate their self-awareness and agility to be successful in a highly diverse, global and virtual environment. 

The PCM Leadership Program is a collection of learning & application modules that apply Process Communication Model to solve the most common and important leadership challenges. 

Senior leaders will gain a greater understanding of how their own personality impacts their role and performance as a leader, how to adapt communication and motivation strategies to maximize the contribution of all personality types in the workplace, and how personality differences are best managed from a strategic level. 

Newly promoted and mid-level leaders will learn and apply critical social-emotional and communication competencies to improve their effectiveness in a wide range of leadership challenges such as communicating for greater impact, managing and motivating performance, dealing with miscommunication and conflict, building trust and engagement, and self-care.

We can help you assess your leadership development needs and design just the right program for your goals. Contact us today.

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