Compassionate Communication Starts with The Compassion Mindset®

Global research shows 85% of employees either are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, while 90% of workplace incidents escalate into personal attacks, avoidance or absenteeism. The price tag of these all too common workplace issues exceeds $350 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

We have a problem with how we treat conflict in the workplace, and it’s one we can’t afford not to solve.

The Compassion Mindset teaches people at all levels of an organization how to implement Compassionate Accountability® so they can navigate even the most difficult situations to achieve greater connection, engagement, and productivity. With behavioral skills training and interactive programs, Next Element helps successful teams implement compassionate communication to help reach their organizational goals.

Create a Culture of Compassion

Your organizational culture is the sum of all the interactions between your people. To create compassionate communication within your company’s culture, you must have compassion at the center of every interaction.

The Compassion Mindset is a framework for operationalizing, measuring and applying compassion to all situations. It’s simple enough that everyone can be exposed and powerful enough to inform even your most complex relationships and processes.

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The World Needs A New Kind of Compassion

Our methodology teaches people how to practice a fuller definition of compassion that includes openness, resourcefulness, and persistence through conflict resolution. We teach the mindset, skillset and template so your people can engage each interaction to affirm people’s value, capability and responsibility, regardless of the situation or topic. Then we customize applications for your particular needs and challenges.

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What’s the big idea? How does it work?

The Compassion Mindset was created for in-house behavioral skills training and development professionals in larger organizations. Through a trainer certification, these professionals can apply The Compassion Mindset principles to:

  • Build a safe and inclusive work environment
  • Focus on important issues instead of putting out fires
  • Develop employees into leaders
  • Create greater connection and motivation
  • Support a culture that honors diversity and inclusion
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Experience breakthrough results

A proven framework for measuring, teaching and applying compassionate communication in every interaction, The Compassion Mindset serves as the foundation for transforming your organization. Once certified as a Compassion Mindset trainer, you can lead those in your organization through our groundbreaking Compassion Assessment and Compassion Mindset course, digitally or in-person. After the course is complete, you can enroll participants in a free, automated, follow up support program.

Behavioral Skills Training & Certifications

Over 90% of leaders who’ve applied our framework say it is more practical, more useful and more effective than any other model of compassionate communication and conflict resolution training they have used.

Exclusively available to trainers employed by large organizations, The Compassion Mindset certification is obtained by attending a two-hour Compassion Mindset webinar and three-hour virtual or in-person review and Q&A with a Compassion Mindset master trainer. The certification can be obtained completely virtually, making it available to multinational companies and professionals across the globe. All our conflict management training is grounded in the Compassion Assessment which measures a person’s capabilities in each of the three areas – openness, resourcefulness, and persistence.

The Compassion Mindset has a low cost of entry. Get started for $180 per person for a minimum of 50 people. This fee includes a three-year license and one trainer certification for someone within your organization. Ongoing per-person fees are under $100 with volume purchases. The Compassion Mindset trainer certification comes with access to the online training portal, internal marketing resources and professional training resources.

Once a trainer completes their Compassion Mindset certification, they are approved to train only within the licensed organization. If the trainer leaves the organization, they will lose their certification and training privileges. The assessment, course materials and certification are currently available in English only.

Your leadership teams are the foundation of your organization, and we can help align and engage them. Working with your company leadership, we’ll co-create customized solutions to help you meet the needs of your organization. Through in-person or virtual executive coaching, we’ll help you create a workplace built on trust, positivity, communication – and of course – compassion. If you’d like to connect with a coach, please reach out to us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

I am so excited about The Compassion Mindset. More than ever, we need compassion at every level of the organization.

Stephan Mardycks

Founder, CEO, Wisdom Destinations

The Compassion Mindset offers a simple, powerful model for transforming conflict, drama and negative energy into a stronger team and more unified culture.

Jon Gordon

Best-selling author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter

No one has explained with as much precision how to suffuse the workplace with more creativity, accountability and productivity. A revolutionary approach!

Marshall Goldsmith

International Bestselling Author or Editor of 35 books, including What Got You Here Won’t There and Triggers

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