Outcomes Measurement

Measuring the outcomes of our programs plays an integral role in helping us continually improve our products and processes, while also helping our certified trainers most effectively use our curriculums. The foundation for high-quality learning and development work, our field-tested, refined instruments, NEOS® and Program Impact, provide our network of certified professionals with the metrics needed to prove they are making a difference in the lives of their clients.

With online and automated data collection and easy-to-understand reports, our outcomes measurement tools quantify progress, demonstrate positive changes, show a return on investment and help both our trainers and ourselves find areas we can improve.

Assess Outcomes. Understand the Impact.

Our flagship outcomes assessment, NEOS is a reliable assessment of a person’s confidence to execute critical behaviors for leadership resilience and agility. Free with any Next Element certification, NEOS is administered at critical intervals before, during and after a program to track changes in a person’s Openness, Resourcefulness and Persistence. NEOS can measure changes in up to three areas of a person’s life: at home, at work, and with a team. Featuring convenient aggregate reports and insightful dashboard metrics, NEOS offers you a clear understanding of a client’s growth and allows trainers to most effectively guide them through their Next Element program.

neos-group-report-tooltip-1059x1200 See these outcomes. Enjoy these functionalities.

Exclusively available to Next Element trainers, Program Impact is an automated online assessment that allows trainers to gather valuable feedback from participants regarding:

  • The trainer’s ability to demonstrate the concepts being taught
  • The trainer’s ability to connect effectively and build rapport with participants
  • Positive impact on personal relationships, work relationships, leadership skills and teamwork
  • Comparison of this program with other communication and conflict models
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Accuracy, relevance and usefulness of personal profile results

Program Impact also allows trainers to collect recommendations and testimonials, and clearly reveals both strengths and areas for improvement. This information can be shared with clients and used in marketing materials.


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