A One Track Heart: Learning How to Receive Love

Posted on February 14, 2024 by Nate Regier / 1 comments
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Today is Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated to expressing love! But if everyone is going around expressing love, shouldn’t we also be ready to receive the love coming our way?

I struggle with attention. I can focus so well (on my thoughts and activities) that I miss what’s going on around me. Sometimes that happens in the middle of a conversation. I guess you could say I have a one-track mind. It often takes a jolt from the outside to get my attention.

Hearts are similar. Are you the kind of person whose heart flows outward to everyone else? Are you good at offering support, affirmation, and validation to others? Would your loved ones and friends say you are a great listener and they feel safe around you? That’s terrific! You are a gift.

But do you know how to receive love? Does your heart flow the other way? How comfortable are you sharing your feelings? Do you ask for help from others and lean on them for support? Do you show your vulnerability and trust others to lift you up?

Just like minds, hearts beat strongest when they are able to give, and receive love.

Do you have a one-track heart? What’s getting in the way of you allowing the flow of love in both directions? Do you need help letting your guard down and learning how to receive love?

You aren’t alone. Most leaders we work with are comfortable giving, but uncertain on how to receive love. Receiving from another’s heart means accepting that you are human, vulnerable, valuable, and interdependent. It means giving up the need to be seen in a certain way and embracing the unknown risks of opening up.

Compassion is about struggling with each other in a safe space.

How can anyone struggle with you if they don’t know what you are struggling with?

This Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage you to relish the joy of giving love, because so many people need what you have to offer. And, I hope you permit yourself to embrace the gift of asking for help¬†and receiving love from others. You are worth it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Photo of Luzia Fuchs-Jorg
Luzia Fuchs-Jorg
Posted on December 23, 2020

Thank you so much for your excellent postings. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy new Year! The Kick Off family

Photo of Nate Regier
Nate Regier
Posted on December 24, 2020

Thank you Luzia. Same to you!

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