How To Apply Compassionate Accountability® During Conflict

Posted on February 1, 2023 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Compassionate leaders must master conflict. Not only is conflict an inescapable reality of leadership, when used correctly, it can be a catalyst for positive change.

Compassionate Leaders Master These Conflict Situations

  • have a necessary but difficult conversation
  • confront inappropriate behavior
  • de-escalate a tense situation
  • deliver unpopular news
  • build trust and social capital
  • respond to an upset customer
  • mediate conflict
  • find win-win solutions when people disagree
  • create systems and processes that support healthy conflict
  • manage change without the drama
  • stop gossip, triangulation and back-channel conversations
  • advocate for justice, fairness and equity
  • set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • avoid getting sucked into negative conflict and drama

Workplace Cultures Live and Die Based on How Leaders Handle Conflict

Avoiding or mismanaging these conflict situations wastes energy, puts people at risk, and contributes to workplace cultures that are unsafe, noninclusive, and unproductive. In this article I expose the consequences of trying to take sides during conflict. 

Here’s what happens when leaders who attempt to hold people accountable without compassion.

Research and best practices on how to address workplace conflict.

ORPO Applies Compassionate Accountability During Conflict

At Next Element we have developed what we believe is the most effective and easy to learn framework for negotiating conflict. Our ORPO method gives you a practical template for what to say and how to say it.

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Here’s the book, Conflict Without Casualties.

Here’s How It Works

This six minute clip from my interview with Ken Coleman on the EntreLeadership podcast, provides a concise description and demonstration of ORPO in action.


ORPO Delivers Outstanding Measurable Results

Since 2012 we’ve been surveying our training participants about the impact of ORPO in their lives. Here’s what our outcomes research shows.

  • 96% of participants say that ORPO is more useful or much more useful than anything else they’ve used. Why? Because it is a behavioral skill set and template that anyone can customize for their situation.
  • On average, participants experience 60-70% improvement in their leadership effectiveness, communication skills and teamwork as a result of our training.

Here’s How To Get ORPO

Our assessment and training framework for learning and applying ORPO is called Leading Out of Drama. We teach the basics of ORPO in our 3-hour Conflict and You course. An executive leadership version of this course, called Core Concepts, adds more context, depth and breadth to the framework for leaders. Our Application Packs show you how to apply ORPO in four common contexts: Making Apologies, conducting Performance Conversations, leading Meetings, and fostering Daily Connections. For those on a deeper journey of mastery, we offer three advanced courses focusing on Diagnostics, Intrapersonal Conflict, and Interpersonal Conflict.

We have built a global network of LOD professionals who can help you implement ORPO in your company. Find one near you.

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