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Do you have bold dreams and big plans? So do we! We want to work with you to help realize these dreams. Once you are certified you will join a worldwide network of passionate, creative, and knowledgeable professionals working to change lives, make a difference and make a living. We are a United States distributor for the Process Communication Model, and the owner and global distributor for Leading Out of Drama.

Getting your certification is just the beginning. After that comes the real work; getting through those first few trainings, designing programs, keeping your skills sharp, developing your business, establishing your credibility, and much more. We are committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

We are here for you, providing coaching support as you build LOD and PCM into your business. Here are some of the benefits we offer our certified professionals:

If you are curious about how LOD or PCM can make a difference for you and your clients, we’d love to chat. Contact us today.

Why do I feel so good after contact with Next Element? Because the team practices the Compassion Cycle in every interaction. I feel safe to work through problems and find solutions. Sometimes I just call to recharge my battery! Thank you for being there when I need you. Even though I live and work in Romania, I feel like Next Element is by my side as I grow my training business.

Daniela Ciobatar

LOD Certified Provider, DC Catalyst

People tend to slip into drama easily without intention, and sometimes even with intention. And here in China we are no different than the rest of the world. With Next Element's Leading Out of Drama program people are alerted and helped with necessary skills to handle conflicts. More importantly, LOD turn conflicts into opportunities to create positive results.

Jeremy Zhuli

Owner, First Priority Consulting, Shanghai, China

For some, Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny is their motivational and life challenge highlight for the year. For me, Next-Elements Trainer Days encourage and propel me forward in my personal and professional life.

Jason Leal

LOD Provider

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