Conflict Is The Bridge, Not The Divide

Posted on May 22, 2024 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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With hate and divisiveness on the rise, I imagine most people wish for less conflict and more compassion in the world. But more compassion won’t solve the problem. That’s because conflict itself isn’t the problem and because compassion is not the antidote to conflict.

What is the real problem?

Conflict is the bridge from compassion to accountability. 

Compassion without accountability gets us nowhere. Accountability without compassion gets us alienated and hurt.

Positive, generative conflict is necessary to bridge the gap between compassion and accountability.

How positive conflict supports flourishing.

Compassionate Accountability is the practice of demonstrating that people are valuable, capable, and responsible in every interaction.

Our mission is to make Compassionate Accountability the norm.


  • With simple, effective, behavior-based tools for positive conflict.
  • By living and breathing what we teach.
  • By creating scalable solutions that can impact more lives.

Will you join us?


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You Can Bridge The Divide

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