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From individual trainers to executive coaches to in-house organizational consultants, we equip learning and development professionals with our Compassionate Accountability® assessments and curriculum so that they can deliver better results for their clients.

Whether you simply want to take an introductory course or are ready to expand your skill set through a certification, we offer you an expansive suite of resources and readily-available support. Once you join our network, you’ll discover boundless opportunities for business growth.

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Explore Compassionate Accountability before pursuing a certification in one of our programs through our expansive range of courses and materials.

Compassionate Accountability Resources

Whether you listen to our podcast, attend a webinar or complete our Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit, we offer an array of resources to help you learn more about Compassionate Accountability on your own time. Get the Compassionate Accountability tools you need.


Leading Out of Drama

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD)

Through our introductory courses, you can discover the life-changing principles taught in Leading Out of Drama (LOD), and learn how to help your clients transform conflict into an opportunity for growth. Learn more about our compassionate conflict program.


Process Communication Model

Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The Process Communication Model (PCM) is an internationally-acclaimed communication model based on human behavior and second-by-second interactions – and few PCM distributors have enjoyed as much success with the program as Next Element. Recognized as a leader and pioneer in the PCM community, we offer the best in support for those interested in learning more about the program. Learn about the Process Communication Model.


The Compassion Mindset®

The Compassion Mindset framework helps in-house development professionals at large organizations build a safe, inclusive work environment and a positive culture. Learn how mindset training could be right for you.

When you become certified in any Next Element program, we become invested in your success. With a thorough certification process, ample resources and constant encouragement, we ensure you’re equipped to effectively help your clients and experience more success in your own career.

All our train-the-trainer certifications come with access to a secure portal to help you easily manage all your Next Element activity, including assessment results, communication with your clients and more.  As one of our certified professionals, you’ll also have access to our custom outcomes assessment program, NEOS®, which will allow you to accurately track your clients’ progress.

Next Element Certifications

Leading Out of Drama (LOD)

Through an LOD certification, you’ll be able to lead your clients to have more positive, constructive interactions in the office and beyond through compassionate conflict. All LOD providers enjoy a generous referral program and an incredible array of support services.

Our LOD leadership training program certification is obtained through six three-hour virtual sessions, with additional coursework required to teach the Advanced LOD curriculum. Once you receive your certification, you’ll have access to a host of benefits, including Next Element’s global support network.

Process Communication Model (PCM)

With Process Communication Model training and a certification, you’ll be able to help your clients experience the benefits of compassionate communication. Throughout the framework, you’ll help your clients explore the six PCM personality types and learn how to embrace the diversity of each to experience unprecedented effective communication and closer connection.

The Compassion Mindset

Created for in-house training and development professionals in large organizations, The Compassion Mindset program is used to transform workplace culture through practical, effective strategy.

The Compassion Mindset certification is obtained by attending a two-hour Compassion Mindset webinar and a three-hour virtual certification. Once you’re certified, you can continue your education in compassion through personalized executive coaching for yourself or your entire leadership team, or by booking Dr. Nate Regier for his keynote speech, The Compassion Effect.

Whether you have yet to take a Next Element course or hold multiple certifications, Compassionate Accountability, Seeing People Through, Conflict without Casualties and Beyond Drama offer you expert guidance as you lead your clients toward Compassionate Accountability as they navigate complicated obstacles and challenges.

Compassionate Accountability by Nate Regier, PhD

Never before in our history has the need for compassion AND accountability been greater. Everything from attracting and retaining top talent, to the success of your inclusion initiatives, to your ability to innovate and adapt depends on it. Compassionate Accountability is the new core competency and next differentiator for great leadership.

Seeing People Through by Nate Regier, PhD

In Seeing People Through, Dr. Nate Regier walks through Process Communication Model personality types and how they can be used to tap into leadership potential by embracing personality differences and fostering true connection in the workplace and beyond.

Learn more.

Conflict without Casualties: A Field Guide for Compassionate Accountability by Nate Regier, PhD

Through the principles of Compassionate Accountability, Dr. Nate Regier outlines how conflict can be reframed to create opportunities for growth and connection. Based on lessons from LOD, Conflict without Casualties has the power to transform both workplace and personal relationships.

Learn more.

Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires by Nate Regier, PhD and Jeff King

Beyond Drama explores Next Element’s origins and core principles, and will equip you to help your clients embrace conflict, and turn drama into an opportunity for growth.

Order your copy today.

From certification courses to continued education, Next Element offers a range of online communication courses and events to help you expand your skill set, support your clients and grow your business.

Find a communication course now.

The immersion of LOD and PCM into who I am has been life-altering in all my relationships. I am passionate about inviting others daily by exposing them to the possibilities of positive conflict and better understanding of self.

Joy Hoofer

Therapist, Consultant, Trainer

I now have the knowledge and tools to identify and address the deep underlying issue and make a meaningful difference in my clients’ lives, rather than feeling moderately effective at addressing the symptoms that are on the surface.

Laura Sharp


Why do I feel so good after contact with Next Element? Because the team practices the Compassion Cycle in every interaction. I feel safe to work through problems and find solutions. Sometimes I just call to recharge my battery! Thank you for being there when I need you. Even though I live and work in Romania, I feel like Next Element is by my side as I grow my training business.

Daniela Ciobatar

LOD Certified Provider, DC Catalyst

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