Compassionate Accountability Resources

We’ve compiled our best resources to help you pursue Compassionate Accountability, and experience the benefits that come from approaching every situation with these life-changing principles.

What is Compassionate Accountability?

Compassionate Accountability® is fundamental to everything we do at Next Element®, and we believe it has the power to transform your home, your workplace, your relationships and your community.

Compassionate Accountability is a commitment to struggling with others, instead of against them. It leads us to balance kindness, respect and empathy with boundaries, goals and standards. With practice, it can help you embrace conflict, improve communication, increase engagement and improve organizational culture.

Principles of Compassionate Accountability

Harness the Power of Positive Conflict

Discover how approaching conflict with positivity can strengthen your work relationships, improve your performance and rebuild trust with the Compassionate Accountability Personal Development Kit.

Turn Workplace Drama into an Opportunity

Get certified in Leading Out of Drama® (LOD), and find the tools you need to equip your clients with skills needed to transform the drain of negative workplace issues into meaningful, productive interactions.

Videos & Podcasts

Video: Why Compassionate Accountability?

LOD Professionals describe what Compassionate Accountability means to them, personally and professionally.

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Podcast: What Is Compassionate Accountability?

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Webinar: Compassionate Accountability in Action

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