Events & Courses

Whether you want to learn more about the principles that shape Next Element, sign up for a leadership and communication training session or enroll in a certification class, we have an event for you. Learn more about our individual offerings from the options below or browse our calendar.

Leading Out of Drama®

Learn to stop the drain of workplace drama through compassionate conflict. Leading Out of Drama courses teach the fundamental skills for harnessing the positive potential in conflict, including Next Element’s proprietary ORPO template for difficult conversations. Many of our courses are offered multiple times per year. See our complete listing with additional dates and times by visiting our Upcoming Events page.

Conflict Without Casualties Complimentary E-Course

Are you drained by drama? Are you ready for a change? You can’t eliminate conflict, but you can change how you approach it.

In this 18-week course, you will receive one short lesson each week via email, guiding you to reframe how you think about conflict, and apply the principles of Compassionate Accountability to transform conflict in all areas of your life. It’s time to turn conflict into a source of positive energy and connection!

Each short lesson includes; 1) One key concept with strategies you can apply immediately, 2) Additional resources if you want to go deeper, and 3) Questions for reflection.

It’s free, so why not start today!

Conflict and You: The Basics of Compassionate Conflict

Transform difficult conversation into positive solutions. Learn a simple process to develop work cultures that are safe, curious and consistent.

Participate in this 90 minute group debrief and discover your drama tendencies and your compassion strengths with the Drama Resilience Assessment (DRA).

Dive into the Basics of Compassionate Accountability by learning the three skills of compassion and how to develop and apply them in a variety of situations for higher levels of interpersonal connection and accountability.

Choose from a variety of dates and times during the registration process.

Compassionate Conflict Skills for Leaders

By applying our proven compassionate accountability model, we teach you how to use conflict as a powerful resource for transformation and engagement. We’ve designed a training program just for leaders seeking to improve their communication and conflict skills. Achieve business results and meet your goals, while maintaining dignity and respect in your work relationships. Learn to balance compassion and accountability!

Courses are held virtually during 2 x 3-hour sessions in 2022:

9am – 12 pm (Central Time, U.S.)

  • February 8 & 9
  • April 11-12
  • September 28-29


LOD Provider Certification

LOD helps harness the energy of conflict to create meaningful, positive experiences through the principles of Compassionate Accountability. By earning a certification in LOD, you’ll be able to help your clients overcome the stigma surrounding conflict, lose the negative effects of drama – and experience radical results.

Certification is held virtually during 7 x 4-hour sessions in 2022:

  • February 21-March 4
  • May 2-12
  • October 10-20

The Process Communication Model®

Learn the art of compassionate communication with the Process Communication Model. An internationally-acclaimed, reliable, behaviorally-based communication model, PCM can be used to help you better connect with all six personality types, while raising your own self-awareness and self-management skills. Many of our courses are offered multiple times per year. See our complete listing with additional dates and times by visiting our Upcoming Events page.

PCM Leadership Profile

Unleash your leadership potential by taking the next step. The PCM Leadership Profile is a comprehensive guide for how to leverage your unique personality in leadership. Live debrief with a Next Element PCM coach is included. See our complete course listing with additional dates and times by visiting our Upcoming Events page.

The Process Communication Model Seminar 1

PCM is an internationally acclaimed, highly reliable, behaviorally-based communication model used to individually tailor connection and motivation and build trust and rapport. Valid, reliable and actionable, PCM answers the “So what? Now what?” questions about how to communicate with different types of people.

Courses are held virtually during 4 x 4-hour sessions in 2022:

8am – 12pm (Central Time U.S)

  • January 25 – 28
  • June 6 – 9
  • Oct 3 – 6

PCM Seminar 2: Conflict Resolution and Motivation

In this two-day advanced course you will gain deeper understanding of the psychological determinants of behavior and practice your communication skills for effective interactions.

Courses are held virtually during 4 x 3-hour sessions in 2022:

9am – 12pm (Central Time, U.S.)

  • February 14 – 17
  • June 21 – 24
  • November 7 – 10

PCM Provider Certification

With a certification in PCM, you’ll be able to help your clients experience the benefits of compassionate communication. Throughout the framework, you’ll help your clients explore the six PCM personality types and learn how to embrace the diversity of each to experience unprecedented effective communication.

Certification is held virtually during 8 x 4-hour sessions in 2022:

  • March 14 – 24
  • August 1 – 12
  • December 5 – 16