Groundbreaking Assessment, Consulting, and Training Services

With insightful assessment and diagnostics, focused consulting, and targeted training and coaching services, we help you zero in on the most important next steps to build your culture of Compassionate Accountability®.

Experience our unique thought leadership through keynote presentations, books, and published resources. Or, put our powerful frameworks and models in your hands with train-the-trainer certifications. We offer a complete suite of services to embed Compassionate Accountability into the fabric of your organization.

Our Services

Assessment & Consulting

See your current situation through a new and hopeful lens with our assessment and diagnostic tools. Zero in on the best next step with targeted consulting.

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Connect with a coach who will provide you with the support, reflection and accountability you need to reach your goals.

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Keynote Speaking

Through masterful storytelling and candid transparency, our co-founder and CEO Dr. Nate Regier leads groups through a journey of awareness and insight that ends with practical, life-changing strategies for transforming your life with Compassionate Accountability.

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Train The Trainer

Get certified in our Leading Out of Drama® (LOD), the Process Communication Model® (PCM) or The Compassion Mindset® models to help your clients experience Compassionate Accountability.

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Learn how Compassionate Accountability can change your life through any of our public or customized leadership training programs.

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I believe Next Element is deeply invested in the success of those they certify and serve. They are committed to building long-term relationships of support and accountability. They not only teach their tools and models, but use and live them every day.

Karen Rice Ratzlaff

Pastor, Trainer

The staff of Next Element represents a perfect blend of sensitivity, wisdom and professional expertise. They possess an uncanny ability to help individuals and team members work through professional and interpersonal challenges by creating cultures of respect, creativity and enhanced problem solving.

Bryan Harness


One word — Wow! Two words additionally — Life Changing!

Mary Anne Ackerman

School Superintendent