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At Next Element®, we help executives transform their workplace culture to make it more positive and productive. This communication training for employees and organization will teach you to swap unwanted stress and drama for compassion and connection through everything from executive coaching to a keynote speech for your whole company.

Your Best Organization Starts with Compassionate Accountability®

Whether you need an assessment of your current climate, consulting on where to go next, or targeted training for your leaders, Next Element can help you build your culture of compassionate accountability. 


Executives are challenged with creating the systems and processes that support strong cultures. Our assessment, diagnostic and consulting services help you see your situation through a new lens and open up possibilities for positive change. 


Designed to support personal and professional growth, a personal development coach can guide you through a tough transition, help you create a plan to help you achieve your goals and navigate life’s challenges. Available in-person, by phone call or by video chat, a Next Element coach makes finding the support you need as easy as possible.


A group learning experience facilitated by a Next Element expert, our communication skills training sessions teach participants how to use Compassionate Accountability to reach their goals of becoming more positive, productive and effective.

From half-day introductions to multi-day retreats to custom programs, we offer an array of training sessions to fit your unique needs. From small companies to corporations with thousands of employees spread across the globe, we can design a custom training program or tailor any of our public programs to put your group on a path toward more inclusion and engagement.

Shared experiences are often the most powerful, and few rival the impact of a keynote speech by Dr. Nate Regier. Through a custom message or one of his popular leadership keynotes, you can help each person within your organization grow individually, while also helping your company learn to function positively and productively as a collective group.

A PhD psychologist, PCM Certifying Master Trainer, and author of Beyond Drama, Seeing People Through and  Conflict without Casualties, Dr. Regier’s keynotes leave audiences with tangible communication strategies – along with the inspiration needed to put them in place.

Continue reading about leadership keynote speaker Dr. Nate Regier.

When workplace culture starts to sour, it’s often not the presence of conflict that’s the problem – it’s the lack of compassion. Transform your organization by using any of our Compassion Tools yourself, as a leadership team or as a company.

Compassionate Accountability Resources

Compassionate Accountability is crucial to creating a positive, productive, drama-free workplace culture – and it’s only taught by Next Element. From courses to books to podcasts, we offer a full spectrum of resources to help you learn and implement these life-changing principles. Learn more about our business communication training.

Leading Out of Drama

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD)

Introduce the principles of Compassionate Accountability to your workplace through Leading Out of Drama (LOD), and learn to healthily address negativity and use conflict as an opportunity for growth. Learn more about this leadership training program.

Process Communication Model

Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The Process Communication Model (PCM) is an internationally-acclaimed communication model that provides unparalleled insight into how a person perceives the world, how they communicate and how they are motivated. By using PCM within your organization, you can learn to embrace diverse personalities and leverage their strengths to create a more positive, productive workplace culture. Learn about the Process Communication Model.

The Compassion Mindset®

Created for large organizations, The Compassion Mindset framework can help you build a compassionate organization and create a safe, inclusive environment that provides each individual with the support needed to do their best work. Learn about our conflict management training.

Great leaders never stop learning, and Compassionate Accountability, Seeing People Through, Conflict without Casualties and Beyond Drama provide you with an exceptional educational opportunity as you hone your leadership skills.

Compassionate Accountability by Nate Regier, PhD

Never before in our history has the need for compassion AND accountability been greater. Everything from attracting and retaining top talent, to the success of your inclusion initiatives, to your ability to innovate and adapt depends on it. Compassionate Accountability is the new core competency and next differentiator for great leadership.

Seeing People Through by Nate Regier, PhD

In Seeing People Through, Dr. Nate Regier walks through PCM and how it can be used to foster greater understanding, compassion and connection in the workplace.

Learn more.

Conflict without Casualties: A Field Guide for Compassionate Accountability by Nate Regier, PhD

Based on lessons from LOD, Conflict without Casualties by Dr. Nate Regier will help you see conflict in a positive light, and learn how it can be used as a catalyst for growth within your organization and beyond.

Learn more.

Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires by Nate Regier, PhD and Jeff King

Beyond Drama is a treasure trove of insightful perspectives and tools that will equip you to take the negative pull of drama and turn it into positive energy.

Order your copy today.

Next Element communication events and courses have had a transformative impact on countless organizations, teams and individuals.

Find the right online course for you.

Partnering with Next Element has been a significant step in moving us toward our goals. Without exception, our leadership team believed the PCM training was the most effective and applicable training program they have ever participated in.

Dan Stutterheim

President, Kasa Companies

We transformed a system that was fairly jumbled and chaotic into a system that is streamlined and simplified, with teams of caregivers synchronizing their work together for one purpose — improved patient-centered care. Next Element’s expertise has been an essential component in our efforts.

Terry L. Mills, MD

Your Compassionate Conflict courses have helped our members improve their individual communication skills by providing a framework that can be adapted to specific situations.

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

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