Compassionate Accountability® Consulting

Executive leaders are responsible for creating the systems and processes to ensure organizational success. In the face of a perplexing challenge or aspirational goal, an objective viewpoint can often provide the perspective you need to find the best solution. With the framework and tools of Compassionate Accountability, Next Element® global business consultants offer organizational leaders expert assessment and guidance for their unique challenges and problems, and then lead them to a solution that fosters a healthier and more productive organizational climate.

Receive Personalized Guidance.

Leading an organization is complicated, and a one-size-fits-all solution typically won’t work for most issues that arise. Through a meticulous assessment of your organization and its challenges, Next Element consultants are able to help you find a path to a more positive culture and more productivity.

Experience Game-changing Results.

Once your global business consultant has given you practical strategies to improve your organization, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance as you work toward your goals. As a result of constant support, you’ll experience breakthroughs at a faster rate than you would alone.

Why Next Element

Next Element consultants are all equipped with our progressive, yet practical tools, some of which aren’t available anywhere else.

Working with a Next Element consultant is always simple and convenient. We work around the schedules of busy leaders to ensure you’re able to fit each consultation in your packed calendar.

Nate Regier consulted with us for six months on our Patient Centered Medical Home project. His facilitation skills have contributed greatly to productive team meetings, reducing the amount of time we spend in drama and teaching us how to meet each other’s psychological needs so that we can implement changes in our care model that enable us to give more patient-centered care.

Pamela S. Copper

Branch Manager

Nate was masterful at connecting with our group, and he displayed an uncommon and authentic confidence with humility. He was powerful at helping me see roadblocks in my approach without embarrassment.

Mat Dewing

Regional President, Pivot Physical Therapy

The team at Next Element represents a perfect blend of sensitivity, wisdom, and professional expertise. They possess an uncanny ability to help individuals and team members work through professional and interpersonal challenges by creating cultures of respect, creativity, and enhanced problem solving.

Bryan Harness


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