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Whether you’re an independent or in-house learning and development professional, a Next Element® certification can help you achieve your goals and grow your business through Compassionate Accountability®. With validated assessments, world-class educational materials and continued support, we work alongside you before, during and after your certification to help you toward success.

We offer train-the-trainer certifications in each of our three renowned programs – Leading Out of Drama® (LOD), the Process Communication Model® (PCM) and The Compassion Mindset®. Each certification comes with unlimited access to a secure, cloud-based portal that puts the ability to manage your assessments and programs at your fingertips. Our certifications include comprehensive, generous support as you use your certification to lead your clients toward their next breakthrough. You’ll also have access to our outcomes assessment tools, NEOS®, Program Impact, or both, depending on your certification. These unparalleled outcomes assessments will allow you to accurately determine how effective your training has been with your clients.

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Leading Out of Drama

LOD helps harness the energy of conflict to create meaningful, positive experiences through the principles of Compassionate Accountability. By earning a certification in LOD, you’ll be able to help your clients overcome the stigma surrounding conflict, lose the negative effects of drama – and experience radical results. 

Two of our LOD courses qualify for ICF Continuing Coach Education Education Credit.

An LOD certification is obtained by attending several virtual sessions, with additional coursework required to teach the Advanced LOD curriculum. Once you receive your certification, you’ll have access to a host of benefits, including membership to the global Next Element LOD network.

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Process Communication Model

PCM is an internationally-acclaimed communication model that identifies six distinct personality types in people, along with how they perceive the world, how they communicate, how they’re motivated and how they’ll behave in distress.

With a PCM trainer or coach certification, you’ll be able to help your clients better understand themselves and find deeper communication and connection with others. Taught on five continents, in more than 13 languages, by more than 3,000 PCM-certified trainers and coaches, PCM has seen global success. In fact, an international study showed participants saw a 60% improvement in personal relationships, 63% improvement in work relationships and a 62% improvement in team performance.

Next Element is a United States distributor of PCM. Learn how we support our certified providers.

Search our global database of certified trainers and coaches.

Created for larger organizations with an internal learning and development capacity, The Compassion Mindset certification lets you bring the mindset, skillset and template to your organization with a proven online assessment, and impactful training programs.

What’s the big idea, and how does it work? Learn all about The Compassion Mindset with helpful overviews and videos.

The Compassion Mindset certification is obtained by attending our virtual Compassion Mindset course, and completing a virtual certification.

In addition to certification, you can continue your education in compassion through personalized executive coaching for yourself or your entire leadership team, or by booking Dr. Nate Regier for an inspiring keynote presentation.

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