Nine Ways Empathy Attracts and Retains Top Talent

Posted on November 17, 2021 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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If your organization is working to attract, develop and retain next-gen talent, pay attention to this.

The top leadership skill that next-gen high performers want help with is empathy.

In a recent global leadership study only 39% of next-gen leaders believed they had adequate empathy and emotional intelligence skills. Read DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast.

Here are nine ways that empathy helps leaders attract, develop and retain great talent.

Keeps Leaders Grounded

Empathy allows you to experience perspectives other than your own.

Supports Inclusion

Empathy is more than being stirred by another’s suffering. Empathy asks the question, “Have you ever felt this way?” When you share similar feelings and tell another person who is struggling, it sends the message, “You aren’t alone and you are OK.”

Increases Safety

Empathy normalizes emotions, which is a foundation for safety. Empathy sends the message, “I’ve felt that way too, and it’s OK.”

Improves Decision-Making

Empathy allows us to better connect with people and get a better understanding of why people are doing what they’re doing in certain situations. Although it may be difficult to explain logically, emotions are telling us how we are doing with what’s going on.

Increases Engagement

“Discretionary effort is inspired by emotional connection at work.” – Gary Ridge, CEO, WD40 Company

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Increases Productivity

When you take the time to learn how others are experiencing the world, you are more able to support them and guide them towards work that is fulfilling and maximizes their strengths.

Reduces Burnout

The number one buffer against burnout is a leader’s ability to show empathy. This is critical since 86% of high potential new leaders are at risk of burnout. Empathy is a fundamental leadership skill, but it’s not easy and it’s not a panacea. How to cure empathy fatigue.

Reduces Drama

Empathy helps people navigate conflict with compassion because it focuses on understanding rather than being understood. Drama is always adversarial.

Better Solutions

When people feel safe and included, they take healthy risks to share ideas and get involved in problem-solving.

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