Compassionate Leadership Starts with I Believe In You

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Nate Regier / 1 comments
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Several years ago a police officer in our community was killed in the line of duty. He was a well-respected and admired officer who had mentored and trained many of the others in our police force.

I had the chance to speak with a policeman who had worked closely with our fallen hero. They were not only partners, but friends. He told me about the incredible impact this person had made in his life. I asked him to share what it was that made such an impact. Learning from his experience? Leading by example? Mentoring? All these things were important, but most significant was this one thing;

Compassionate leaders demonstrate they believe in their people

“He believed in me. Because of this I developed into my potential as an officer.”

As a leader, believing in someone can have a profound impact on those you lead. It’s more than a nice thing to say, more than something we yell from the sidelines before a big point.

“I believe in you” is a daily act of compassionate leadership.

When leaders really believe in you, they

  • Give you the benefit of the doubt
  • Accept you for who you are, even when you make a mistake
  • Support you emotionally during tough times
  • Celebrate with you during the good times
  • Teach, train, and mentor you towards greater capability and skill
  • Challenge you with opportunities to learn and grow
  • Learn about and nurture your natural strengths
  • Hold you accountable for commitments and high standards
  • Show up ready to serve and support you every day
  • Own their own mistakes and make amends

Compassionate leadership is the practice of demonstrating that your people are valuable, capable, and responsible in every interaction.

Have you been fortunate enough to work for a leader who believed in you? What did they do to help you become your best?

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Photo of Cherilyn
Posted on May 19, 2021

A perfect description of how Jesus led! Thank you.

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