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How Can You Bring  Compassionate Accountability®  to your company.

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How To Improve Non-Verbal Communication

How we say something is often more important than what we say. A majority of miscommunication occurs because of non-verbal cues that either send mixed messages or aren’t aligned with how the listener is best able to understand it. Unfortunately, miscommunication can lead to false assumptions, unconscious bias, and unnecessary conflict. This presentation will benefit anyone who is in a role that requires crisp, clear and effective communication. By recognizing the role and impact of four non-verbal behavioral cues, learners will better understand why miscommunication occurs and how to how to align get communication back on track. Borrowing insights from the Process Communication Model, participants will receive tips for assessing and connecting with different personality types by adapting non-verbal communication behaviors. Applying the tips in this workshop will facilitate more effective communication and increased trust.

June 16, 2021. 11:30 am – 12:00 pm (Central Time U.S)

Dealing with Aggressive Personalities

Aggressive personalities creates a toxic and unsafe work culture with compromised productivity, engagement, and wellbeing. Often, these same personalities are highly driven, passionate and productive as well. We can’t live with them, and we can’t live without them, which created a double-bind for many companies. Ultimately, your culture is only as good as the worst behaviors it allows. The solution lies in understanding the relationship between positive motivation and negative attention. In this presentation, participants will learn about the most common and predictable aggressive behaviors, what’s behind them, and how to proactively intervene to lower the toxicity.

June 30, 2021. 11:30 am – 12:00 pm (Central Time U.S)

Leading Different Personalities: Everyday struggles and proven solutions

Personality clashes are one of the top causes of workplace conflict. Personality influences how we perceive the situations, how we prefer to communicate, environmental preferences, how we are motivated, and how we sabotage ourselves in distress. Most models of personality raise awareness, but don’t teach new communication behaviors. Applying insights from the Process Communication Model, this workshop will help participants understand the everyday struggles caused by personality differences and provide new communication strategies to connect, motivate, and reduce conflict with all types. Leave with more confidence to turn personality differences into an opportunity for greater connection, innovation, and engagement.

July 14, 2021. 11:30 am – 12:00 pm (Central Time U.S)