Here’s Why Your Empathetic Leadership Efforts Might Be Failing

Posted on February 28, 2024 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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A recent study published by EY Consulting reveals that 86% of employees believe empathetic leadership boosts morale while 87% of employees say empathy is essential to fostering an inclusive environment.

Empathic Leadership Is Good For Business

That’s not surprising since more and more employees are speaking up about the importance of an open, safe, inclusive work environment. Empathetic leadereship is not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s good for business as well. Research shows that empathetic leadership contributes to improvements in innovation, engagement, and retention. 

Authenticity and Follow-Through Matter

But here’s the problem. In the same EY study, 52% of employees currently believe their company’s efforts to be empathetic toward employees are dishonest ― up from 46% in 2021, and employees increasingly report a lack of follow-through when it comes to company promises (47% compared to 42% in 2021).

Turns out, empathy is more than just being kind, considerate, and caring in the moment. It must be genuine and include follow-through. What should leaders and employees do to realize the full benefits of empathy? Mindset, accountability, and culture.

Mindset, Accountability, and Culture

It starts with adopting a Compassion Mindset that sees everyone as valuable, capable, and responsible. Without all three, empathy efforts will fall flat because they don’t recognize the critical role that capability and responsibility pay in employee wellness and engagement.

Attract and Retain Top Talent With A Compassion Mindset

Accountability is also critical. Compassion without accountability will get you nowhere. You must walk the talk, follow through, and take responsibility for your commitments. Compassionate Accountability® is the process of building relationships while getting results. No compromises.

Why Compassionate Accountability is the Next Leadership Superpower.

Your brand is a lagging indicator of the quality of your culture. Culture is the sum of every interaction between your people.

interactions culture brand

Empathy and Compassion can’t be left to individual choice or effort. Systems, processes, policies, and procedures must support the daily interactions that you care about if it’s going to become part of your culture.

P.S. Empathy is great. But compassion is even better. Learn more about what real compassion looks like in my new book, Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders Build Connection and Get Results.

The Downsides of Empathy, And What To Do About It.

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