My Top 4 Resources To Build a Positive Workplace Culture

Posted on December 29, 2021 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Bobby Herrera, the CEO of Populous Group, and a guest on my podcast, believes that,

Brand is a lagging indicator of the quality of your culture.

So, what is culture?

Culture is the sum of every interaction between your people.

Fostering a Positive Work Culture

Does your work culture inspire connection and performance? Or is it infected with drama, division and toxicity? What does this do to your brand?

How do you turn around a negative workplace culture and begin fostering a positive work culture? Here are my top 4 resources to get you started: 1) Create a tribe, 2) Combat three negative leadership addictions, 3) Find balance between safety, curiosity and consistency, and 4) Practice more compassion.

Creating a Workplace Tribe: Culture Secrets From WD-40

At the WD40 company, 93% of people are engaged, and 95% of employees said they were excited about the future – during Covid! Learn the leadership secrets in my conversation with CEO Garry Ridge on this episode of OnCompassion podcast.

Three Leadership Addictions That Damage Work Culture

When leaders fall victim to these three addictive habits, a positive workplace culture suffers. Which addiction is most likely for you, and how can you turn things around to start fostering a positive work culture?

Three Kinds of Imbalanced Work Cultures: Which One Is Yours?

Positive work cultures need a balance between safety, curiosity, and consistency. Lack of balance leads to predictable problems. We’ve worked with and researched many different industries to learn where each one tends to struggle, and how to regain balance.

Compassion Is The Antidote for Workplace Division

Laurel Donnellan specializes in compassionate work cultures and leadership, and writes for Forbes Magazine. She interviewed me about how our definition and practice of compassion can help turn around toxic, divided work cultures. Is your culture in need of a compassion makeover?

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