Six Ways To Make A Good Decision

Posted on January 12, 2021 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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How do you make your best decisions? Which one of these six best fits you?


You prefer to make decisions based on relevant, accurate facts. You prefer to gather the information, get input, weigh the pros and cons, and determine the most logical choice. When options aren’t clear or you don’t have adequate data, decision-making can become difficult. Decisions that increase productivity and efficiency are the most attractive and satisfying


You prefer to make decisions based on key principles. You prefer to consult your mission, vision, or values first, then gather relevant information to guide your decision. You use your conscience to know what’s right and wrong. Decisions that support and advance your values are the most satisfying.


You make decisions based on what you feel will have the greatest positive impact on relationships, often using intuition. You consider the human side of the equation first. You prefer consensus when possible. Decisions that help you affirm personal value and nurture relationships will be the most attractive and satisfying.

Gut Instinct

You make decisions spontaneously, based on gut instinct. You know right away whether you approve or disapprove, whether you like it or not. Decisions that involve creative engagement and new ways of working will be most attractive and satisfying.


You make decisions using reflection and imagination. You need time to arrive at your best decisions because you need to ponder the possibilities. Being able to have time and space to step back and consider options and possibilities is important for you.


You make decisions quickly and confidently, even when you don’t have all the information. Getting to action is your priority, even if adjustments need to be made later. High-stakes decisions that increase excitement will be most attractive and satisfying for you.

What about your employees? Your peers? Your children? How do they make decisions? There’s no one best way to make decisions, and a lot of it is influenced by personality. Great leaders know how they make their best decisions, and help others use their natural gifts to make good decisions as well. Use this post to interview the people you lead and help them cultivate their own decision-making style.

Next week: Six Ways To Make BAD Decisions. Every personality type makes bad decisions in distress. Find out your risks!

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