Six Bad Habits You Can Repurpose For Good in 2018: Part One

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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Have you made any new year’s resolutions to kick an unhealthy habit and set a new course? What if your worst bad habits were linked to your personality? Good luck with that!

It could actually be a blessing in disguise. The bad news is that most of us have some pretty enduring bad habits that have been with us since an early age, closely tied to our personalities. For example, my personality is highly tuned to focus on tasks and excitement. I’m fun to be around and I get stuff done. My bad habit is I’m a terrible listener. I focus much more on my own agendas than the people around me, so I miss stuff.

The good news is that behind every bad habit are some awesome character strengths that can be leveraged for good.

Since these strengths are also tied to our personalities, they are enduring and well-developed. We use them every day, so why not tap into these strengths to counteract our bad habits? Hey, it’s way better than starting from scratch on a new diet!

Six major personality types are correlated with predictable negative tendencies. Each one also has three signature character strengths. Here are the first three. Tune in next week for the second three bad habits.

Which one best fits you?

1. Pushing your beliefs and pushing people away

You are dedicated, conscientious and observant. You are a believer and that’s admirable. When you cross the line and start pushing your beliefs on other people, expecting them to agree with you in order to be OK, all you do is push them away. People don’t respect you, they avoid you. Instead, dedicate your gifts to making a real difference in someone’s life:

  • Make a difference in your community by volunteering for a cause in which you believe
  • Show loyalty to a friend
  • Exceed expectations with exceptional customer service
  • Walk the walk instead of talking about it so much

2. Overworking and over controlling

You are logical, responsible and organized. You are a hard worker and that’s terrific. When you get so focused on tasks and so confident that your way is the best way, you leave a wake of destruction in the form of resentful, unmotivated friends, family, and employees. In 2018, try using your gifts to:

  • Design a solution that will help others be more efficient. Track the results.
  • Develop your listening and empathy skills, and get feedback on your progress.
  • Use the Apple’s top-rated new app for relaxation and mindfulness. Set goals and work towards them.

3. Blaming, making excuses, and avoiding responsibility

You are spontaneous, creative, and playful. Nobody cramps your style without some form of retaliation. By squirming your way out of responsibility and avoiding any negative emotions, all you do is invite more sanctions from others. It sucks, and you can get them off your back by repurposing your gifts. Check out these options!

  • Secretly master a new skill, and don’t tell anyone until you have it down
  • Find ways to make work more fun
  • Invent something that adds joy and energy to the world

Which habit best fits you? Where do you see opportunity to make a positive difference? Will you share your answers on this post?

Read Part two of this series and learn about the other three bad habits you can repurpose for good!

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