Year End Thank Yous: How You Say It Matters

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Nate Regier / 0 comments
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It’s year-end, time to thank everyone for their contribution to your company. Whether you show appreciation every day, or do it once a year in the year-end paycheck, how you show your appreciation can make a big difference on whether employees truly “feel the love.”

There are six different personality types, each with their own type of motivational needs. Feeding those needs is the best way to say THANK YOU in a way that hits home for them. Anything else just isn’t the same.


Thinkers crave honest recognition of their work and time. They want to know their achievements, smart thinking, and problem-solving skills, and time are valued. Tell them “Good job,” “Great work,” and “Terrific ideas.” Plaques, awards, and monetary gifts tied to specific goals and accomplishments really hit the mark.


Persisters crave recognition of their dedicated commitment and strong convictions. They want to know their loyalty to the company is appreciated. Tell them, “You make a real difference,” “I admire your commitment to the company,” and “We appreciate your strong belief in our mission.” Certificates of dedication or loyalty, and personal notes of recognition go a long way with Persisters.


Harmonizers crave recognition for who they are as a person, no strings attached. Sensory needs are also important for them. They want to know their presence and caring concern for the team are appreciated. Tell them, “I care about you,” “You are a valuable part of the team,” and “We appreciate who you are as a person.” Gifts with a personal touch, hand-written notes, and time spent together are the real bonus for Harmonizers.


Rebels crave a stimulating and fun-filled environment. They want to have fun, move around, and cut loose. The company party is great if it’s lively. Tell them, “You rock!” “Great stuff!” or “Wow, I love what you are doing.” Gifts of time off allow them to be spontaneous!


Imaginers crave solitude. They want to have uninterrupted time and space to let their imagination fly. Don’t force them to attend the company party. In fact, giving them time off is the best gift of all!


Promoters crave excitement. They want the quick payoff, thrill of the chase, and thrill of the win. Tell them, “You really nailed it,” or “We couldn’t have met that goal without your super skills.” Thanking Promoters with prizes works great. Cash, trips, and unexpected rewards keep them engaged.

If you are an employer, parent, or coach, for the love of the game, don’t wait until next year to thank your most important asset. Feeding motivational needs is a terrific way to increase rapport, engagement, and commitment every day.

To learn more about how to communicate, motivate, and resolve conflict with all personality types, check out the Process Communication Model®, one of the most useful and powerful behavioral communication models out there. We teach and coach leaders, and certify trainers to leverage the power of PCM in all aspects of leadership and life.

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